Travel with Confidence: UVAST Water Filter for Safe Drinking Water

A pocket-sized water filter that not only stands for unlimited safety, flexibility and travel, but also as a symbol for a community that wants to actively shape the world. We want to catch your attention to progressively move forward as a social entrepreneurship in the fields of health and sustainability worldwide.


Your sovereign companion

Whether on a trip to distant countries or for a time-out in the great outdoors without heavy luggage - the UVAST water filter is your sovereign companion when things get adventurous. Its compact and ergonomic design allows it to be used flexibly and also works without electricity or chemicals. High-quality materials in a modular system offer maximum flexibility.

Multiple filtration technologies

The combination of multiple filtration technologies successfully eliminates up to 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and other microbes from the water using a sustainable mode of operation.

Partner organisations

We want to live out what we put on the outside within our company as well. Therefore, we will dedicate a part of our earnings to partner organizations in the field of water treatment in developing countries. This means that those who invest in UVAST are not only investing in their own safety and health, but also in that of others.

Rocket launch with vision 🚀

Values such as sustainability, foresight, transparency and openness to technology combined with a fair team spirit will be our constant companions on our journey.

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